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Paralysis of Pharynx and Organs of Deglutition:

>>Therapeutic and guiding notes and Medicine Suggested: 
Swallowing painful and difficult, as from paralysis of the cesophagus. Paralysis of pharynx and cesophagus. Food goes down to the region of larynx when it is ejected. Great dryness and burning in throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Arsenic alb
Sensation of constriction, as if the throat were suddenly closing up; Solids’ use more difficulty in swallowing. External throat very sensitive to touch (not painful, or sore, but a sensation of uneasiness ).
>>Medicine suggested: Lachesis
Paralytic weakness of the organs of deglutition, Sensation of contraction, and spasmodic constriction in throat. Complete inability to swallow even the least quantity of liquid, which is frequently forced out through the nostrils.
>>Medicine suggested: Belladona
Paralysis of the organs of deglutition, with difficulty in swallowing. Dryness of the throat without thirst.
>>Medicine suggested: Causticum
Paralysis of the organs of deglutition. Swallowing causes shooting into the ear. Spasmodic sensation in gullet.
>>Medicine suggested: Gelsimium
Paralysis of throat, with inability to swallow. Sensation of constriction in throat
>>Medicine suggested: Plumbum



Sore Throat:

Affections of the throat with pain and inflammation are generally called sore throat. There are various kinds of sore throat, such as angina faucium, angina granulose or chronic sore throat, etc. Acute sore throat is usually attended with fever, difficulty in deglutition and sometimes salivation. In bad cases, deglutition becomes impossible
>>Therapeutic and guiding notes and Medicine Suggested: 
Sore Throat- Angina Faucium :
Indicated especially when attended with fever. Fever with unquenchable thirst, anxiety, and restlessness, choking in throat, Painful as if something has stuck in throat and hoarseness, troublesome deglutition, Dry cough with a hoarse bark.
>>Medicine suggested: Aconite
Burning stinging pain when swallowing. Redness and swelling of tonsils. Uvula, and tongue. Erysipelatous and edematous appearance of the throat, Inability to swallow in consequence of great swelling of throat. Throat filled with tenacious mucus. Burning blisters on back part of throat or on the tongue. No thirst. A patient although chilly, yet cannot bear heated room.
>>Medicine suggested: Apis
Bright red highly inflamed soft palate, uvula, and tonsils. The inflammation is mostly on the right side. Violent fever. Dryness of mouth and throat. Burning sensations in throat and disposition to hawk up something. Painful deglutition or swallowing is impossible. Swallowing produces spasm of throat. Fluid escapes through the nose.
>>Medicine suggested: Belladona
Pricking sensation in throat as if from a splinter or fish bone. Sensation of lump in the throat, Pricking sensations very violent, and extends to the ears and to the glands of the throat when swallowing or yawning, or when turning, Burning and smarting in throat, worse when swallowing solid food, Sensitiveness to pain and better from heat. The patient is sensitive to cold.
>>Medicine suggested: Hepar sulph
Uvula is swollen. Fauces purplish, Throat feels constricted. Constant desire to swallow though difficult and painful. Fluids escape from the nose. Pain and soreness begin on left side. All symptoms worse on the left side. When swallowing, shoots into ears. Pain worse from warm drinks. Aggravation in the morning and after sleep. Can bear nothing to touch neck, on account of a peculiar sensitiveness (uneasiness).
>>Medicine suggested: Lachesis
After Belladona., When it cannot effect further improvement. Swelling and inflammatory redness of the affected parts, Uvula swollen and elongated, Dryness and great soreness of the throat. Mouth full of saliva yet throat feels very dry. Constant inclination to swallow. Tongue thick coated, whitish. Difficult deglutition, especially of liquids, which are frequently forced back through the nose. Swelling of and pain in the parotid glands. Tonsils dark-red and studded with ulcers. Fever worse in the evening. Creeping chilliness.
>>Medicine suggested: Merc Sol
Great dryness of throat, Stitches in throat when swallowing. Throat painful on turning the head. Motion increases the pain. Swallowing difficult and painful. Gastric derangement. Constipation. The patient is irritable.
>>Medicine suggested: Bryonia
Fauces dark red, studded with dark, putrid ulcers, which are painful. Excessive offensive odor from the mouth and the throat, Solids cause gagging. Can swallow only liquids.
>>Medicine suggested: Baptisia
Sore throat of smokers and drinkers, Dark-red inflammation and burning in throat, Uvula elongated, feels as if pressing on something hard. Stitches in throat when not swallowing. It is especially indicated when the patient has constant desire to lie down and sleep.
>>Medicine suggested: Capsicum
Burning sensation in throat, feels “on fire”. Throat inflamed and covered with plastic lymph.
>>Medicine suggested: Cantharis
Sore throat with coryza , Coryza with excessive, non-excoriating lachrymation, and profuse acrid nasal discharge. Pain in throat extending to the ear. Constrictive pain in forepart of throat. Cold sensation in throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Cepa
Unbearable dryness in throat, so much so that the patient cannot sleep, must swallow saliva or drink to allay the dryness. Sensation of sand in throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Cistus C
inflammation and redness of the palate and Fauces, Tingling in the palate. Accumulation of greenish mucus
>>Medicine suggested: Colchicum Dose
Gangrenous sore throat with much swelling. Impossibility to swallow solid food. Tight constriction of throat with violent pain. Hemorrhages from decomposition of blood, and great prostration in consequence there of.
>>Medicine suggested: Crotal H.
Sore throat caused by every cold change of weather.
>>Medicine suggested: Dulcamara
Fauces dry burning, sore. Heat and constriction in throat. Difficult deglutition. Swallowing causes shooting into the ear.
>>Medicine suggested: Gelsimium
Stitches in throat when not swallowing . Stitches in soft palate, better from swallowing solids. Pain in throat worse between the acts of swallowing. Whitish tough mucus in spots on tonsils.
>>Medicine suggested: Ignatia
Swelling and elongation of uvula. Sore throat with burning pain. Sensation of fullness in larynx, impeding deglutition. Increased secretion of watery saliva. Ulcers in throat with swelling of glands of neck. Perceive pain when not swallowing.
>>Medicine suggested: Iodium
Sore throat alternates sides; pain first felt on one side and then on the other. Sore throat begins and ends with menstruation. Feeling of a lump in throat, which goes down when swallowing, but returns. Constant inclination to swallow, Swallowing painful, almost impossible. Pains extend to ears; begin on left side.
>>Medicine suggested: Lac can.
Sore throat with fine, stinging pain; Sensation as if there was a plug in the throat, with shootings on swallowing.
>>Medicine suggested: Ledum
Sore throat following scarlatina, Great elongation of uvula, Yellowish-white ulcers on tonsils with burning, Choking sensation rises in throat when speaking.
>>Medicine suggested: Mancinella
Catarrh in head, Throat raw, sore, rough, as if scraped. Sensation of a lump in throat when swallowing. Pain as if pharynx were constricted, or as if a plug was sticking in throat, during empty swallowing. Stitches into the ear when swallowing. Symptoms worse morning. Irritable mood and sedentary habits.
>>Medicine suggested: Nux Vom.
Swelling and great dryness of throat, with abundant accumulation of mucus at the same time; Shooting pain during deglutition; Fetid breathe; Swelling and indurations of the sub maxillary glands Burning in pharynx.
>>Medicine suggested: Petroleum
Smarting, scraping, and burning pain in throat; Worse towards evening; Tonsils and uvula are much swollen. Hawking of cool mucus in morning. Craving for something cold and refreshing. Dryness of throat day and night
>>Medicine suggested: Phosphorus
Sore throat worse on the right side; Fauces congested, and have a dark-red color. Dryness of the throat. Tonsils swollen. Pain in swallowing hot liquids and solid food. Tonsils swollen and bluish, generally worse on right side, on swallowing excruciating pain through both ears.
>>Medicine suggested: Phytolacca
Dark, bluish redness of throat. Veins prominent. Scraping, dryness, and rawness with thirst. Pressure and tension in throat on swallowing.
>>Medicine suggested: Pulsailla
Throat sore, feels stiff after straining. Sensation of dryness in throat, Sticking or stinging pains, worse when beginning to swallow. The glands under the ears much swollen. Throat feels swollen. The patient is restless, changes position often in bed to obtain relief.
>>Medicine suggested: Rhus Tox.
Throat feels sore as if scalded by hot drinks. Feeling of dryness in throat not relieved by drinking. Heat in throat relieved by inspirations of cold air. Medicine suggested: Sanguinaria Nit. Dose Sore throat with accumulation of mucus in throat, Tonsils swollen, each effort to sallow distorts face. Prickling in throat when swallowing. Difficult deglutition as from paralysis of gullet, Food is ejected through nose.
>>Medicine suggested: Silicea


Chronic Sore Throat, Angina Granulosa :

>>Therapeutic and guiding notes and Medicine Suggested: 
Clergyman’s sore throat. Dark red throat with elongated uvula. Soreness, rawness, hoarseness, and great dryness; Thick and viscous mucus may accumulate in throat, with difficult expectoration. Sore throat, worse in the evening and at night, better in morning, and better from taking anything warm. Painful ulcers in the Fauces, secreting brown offensive pus.
>>Medicine suggested: Alumina
Thick, tenacious mucus in throat, obliging him to hawk, and causing gagging. Sensation as if a splinter is lodged in throat, when swallowing, belching, breathing or moving the neck; Constriction of throat with hoarseness.
>>Medicine suggested: Argent Nit
Great hoarseness from preaching and public speaking.
>>Medicine suggested: Arnica
Rawness, scraping, tickling in throat, with burning pains. Burning in throat, worse on stooping, hoarseness from singing. Constant urging to swallow, with sensation of swelling or of contraction of the gullet.
>>Medicine suggested: Causticum
Every exposure to wind or rain causes a return of the ulcers in throat. This periodicity is very marked. Ulceration of throat, worse on the left side. Offensive discharge from nose. Occasional nose bleed, which is sudden, profuse, and which occurs while walking. Posterior wall of throat is covered with a dry, greenish-yellow membrane, wrinkled and fissured, which extends to the nose. Portions of this membrane are occasionally detached and are expelled from the mouth or nose; Loss of smell.
>>Medicine suggested: Elaps Coral.
.Chronic congestion of throat. Secretion of stringy mucus from the posterior nares. Tendency to hoarseness and tickling cough.
>>Medicine suggested: Kali Bich.
Constant desire to swallow, though difficult and painful. Sore throat worse on left side and worse after sleep. Cannot bear any pressure about neck, neck very sensitive to touch. Bluish color of throat. Much saliva and stringy mucus.
>>Medicine suggested: Lachesis
Fauces brown-red. Chronic enlargement or ulceration of tonsils. Sometimes, small greenish yellow masses hawked up in the morning. Feeling as if a ball rose from below up into the throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Lycopodium
Very useful after external application of silver nitrate, much used by the allopaths. Throat feels very dry, yet the patient constantly hawks up transparent, thin mucus. Feeling as of a plug in the throat. Uvula elongated. The action of the muscles of deglutition is diminished, and consequently food goes down the wrong way or does not go down at all.
>>Medicine suggested: Natrum Mur
Dryness of throat day and night. Throat fairly glistens.
>>Medicine suggested: Phosphorus
When the disease goes from left to right. Tough mucus in throat and posterior nares. Constriction of throat when trying to swallow.
>>Medicine suggested: Plumbum
Pain in eating or drinking things, Dryness in throat, provoking cough, and inclination to hawk and clear the throat. Choked feeling, relieved by hawking. Great dryness of throat at bedtime.
>>Medicine suggested: Phytolacca




It is an inflammation of a tonsil or both tonsils, and subjacent mucus membrane of the throat, usually attended by fever.
>>Therapeutic and guiding notes and Medicine Suggested:
Tonsils swollen, inflamed, of a dark red color, with fever. Fever with restlessness, and great thirst. Pain and great difficulty in swallowing.  Burning and prickling pain in throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Aconite Nap.
Red and highly inflamed tonsils. Dryness in mouth and throat, without thirst.  Stinging-burning pain when swallowing. Throat swollen inside and outside. Ulcers on tonsils and palate, with edematous appearance around ulcers. Aggravation from heat and better from cold.
>>Medicine suggested: Apis Mel.
Liability to tonsillitis after slight cold. Constriction and pricking sensation in throat. Sensation of a plug in throat. If given early, before suppuration takes place, it will disperse the swelling. It is especially indicated in persons who are very sensitive to cold air and, when tendency to slight cold have a liability to an attack of tonsillitis, with tendency to suppuration. In such cases, it will not only cure an acute attack of this disease, but will remove this disposition.  Enlargement of glands in neck, under jaws and behind ears.  Scrofulous diathesis
>>Medicine suggested: Baryta Carb.
Tonsils swollen, inflamed, of a bright red color. Worse on the bright side. Cervical glands suddenly inflame. Great dryness of Fauces and throat;  During swallowing, sensation in the throat as if it were too narrow, or drawn together as it nothing would pass properly.  Ulcers form rapidly on the tonsils.
>>Medicine suggested: Belladona
When there is a tendency to frequent recurrence of the disease. In chronic tonsillitis, accompanied by hardness of hearing. Sensation as if a fish bone or a splinter were sticking in the throat. Sensation of a lump in the throat. Stitching pain in throat extending to ear. The patient is very sensitive to cold air.
>>Medicine suggested: Hepar Sulph.
Tonsillitis especially when the left side is affected. Throat purplish, inability to swallow; choking when swallowing; or when swallowing, pains extend from throat to ear. Neck sensitive to touch (not painful but a sensation of uneasiness). Liquids cause more difficulty in swallowing than solids. Symptoms worse in the afternoon, and after sleep.
>>Medicine suggested: Lachesis
Tonsils swollen, inflamed and dark red, or become ulcerated. Tonsils studded with ulcers. It is frequently indicated after Belladona, to which it is complementary. Offensive odor from mouth. Salivary glands swollen. Deglutition painful. Tonsils and Fauces yellowish red or coppery-red color, often covered with a thin false membrane. Pain on empty swallowing.  Profuse discharge of saliva. Much perspiration without affording the patient relief.  Quinsy with stinging pains. When pus has formed, it hastens suppuration.
>>Medicine suggested: Mercuric Sol.
Tonsillitis of a severe, the patient distorts face on each attempt to swallow. Pricking as from pains (stitches) in throat, during deglutition, causing cough. In obstinate cases where abscesses are forming, yet do not suppurate, especially left side, or after suppuration, when the suppurating gland will not heal.
>>Medicine suggested: Silica
After taking cold. When the patient cannot swallow, talk, nor open mouth.  Throbbing in tonsils, both being inflamed. Mouth and throat tilled with tough phlegm, which tough phlegm, which is expelled with great difficulty.
>>Medicine suggested: Ammonium  Mur.
Hypertrophy of tonsils; Especially indicated in chronic enlargement and in duration of tonsils. Swelling of lymphatic glands.
>>Medicine suggested: Baryta Iod.
Chronic tonsillitis. It is almost similar to Baryta carb, so far as enlarged glands are concerned. Enlarged tonsils filled with little crypts or pockets.
>>Medicine suggested: Calcarea Iod.
Pains as if there were a plug in throat, which prevents swallowing.
>>Medicine suggested: Graphites
Left tonsil swollen, with difficulty in swallowing. Tickling in throat compelling continual hawking. Destructive ulceration of uvula, soft palate and tonsils, with thick yellow secretion in ulcers.
>>Medicine suggested: Indium
Acute and chronic tonsillitis, when the tonsils are covered with whitish coating. Stringy, tough mucus. Hawks up offensive, cheesy lumps.
>>Medicine suggested: Kali Mur. Dose
Swelling and suppuration of tonsils. Tonsils indurate and studded with many ulcers. Ulceration of tonsils begins on the right side.
>>Medicine suggested: Lycopodium
Shooting pain during deglutition, Great dryness in throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Petroleum
Tonsils and uvula are much swollen. Affected parts look shining, glistening; Pain as from excoriation of rawness and scraping in throat and tonsils. Tonsils large, bluish, ulcerate. Difficult swallowing.
>>Medicine suggested: Phosphorus
Erysipelatous swelling of throat; Difficulty in deglutition. Tonsils covered with yellow membrane.
>>Medicine suggested: Rhus Tox.



Uvula affections:

Uvula is the fleshy mass, as the dependent triangular portion of the soft palate above the root of tongue.
>>Therapeutic and guiding notes and Medicine Suggested:
Uvula elongated, relaxed, inflamed. Scraping in throat with cough.
>>Medicine suggested: Alumen
Tiresome cough, accompanying elongated uvula, excited by the contact of the tip of the uvula with the parts of the top of the larynx, temporarily relieved by astringents.
>>Medicine suggested: Alumuna
Uvula long and edematous. Hangs down like a bag of water.
>>Medicine suggested: Apis Mel.
Uvula and Fauces dark-red, Sensation as if a splinters were lodged in throat, when swallowing.
>>Medicine suggested: Argent Nit.
Uvula elongated; Veins of throat prominent; Scrofulous children with tendency to suppuration of tonsils after every cold.
>>Medicine suggested: Baryta Mur.
Inflammatory swelling of uvula and of gullet, of dark-red color and covered with little blisters.
>>Medicine suggested: Calc Carb.
Uvula elongated, with a sensation as if it were pressing on something hard.
>>Medicine suggested: Capsicum
Sensation in throat as though uvula were too long.
>>Medicine suggested: Coccinella
Elongation of uvula, causing irritation and cough; this cough is dry and is worse on lying down, and is relieved by sitting up.
>>Medicine suggested: Hyoscyamus
Swelling and elongation of uvula; Increased secretion of watery saliva; Putrid odor from mouth.
>>Medicine suggested: Iodum
Uvula swollen and elongated ; Mucus membranes edematous; Rawness and scraping in throat.
>>Medicine suggested: Kali Iod.
Uvula relaxed, with purplish color about Fauces.
>>Medicine suggested: Lachesis
Relaxed uvula with dry and tickling cough; Worse from midnight to morning, after eating, from cold air, after mental and physical exertion; Cough bruised pain in abdominal walls.
>>Medicine suggested: Nux Vom.
Tonsils and uvula much swollen, elongated, with dry and burning sensation. Hawking up of cool mucus in the morning.
>>Medicine suggested: Phosphorus


IMPORTANT: The above is a general prescription but the patients must Consult their physician before taking any medicine for correct diagnosis and better results.


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